About Us

Welcome to SolarPunk Park, Los Angeles - An oasis for dreamers, innovators, and nature lovers!

Founded in 2022, SolarPunk Park is a revolutionary blend of digital and real-life community spaces designed for SolarPunk enthusiasts. Set against the vibrant backdrop of our inaugural location in Los Angeles, CA, our vision is to create a world where technology, nature, and humanity co-exist and thrive in harmony.

DIY Native Plant Potting Station and Bee Education with Bee Wild Collective

In our short history, we've already hosted over 150 SolarPunks from diverse backgrounds - sustainability experts, entrepreneurs, creative pioneers, and students from USC and Occidental College's Sustainability Club. This thriving community is at the heart of SolarPunk Park.

We're not just about community but action. Our solar-powered mini-festival, hosted in collaboration with SolarPunks Club, showcased the practical and inspiring elements of SolarPunk. We shared knowledge on beekeeping with the Bee Wild Collective, offered a free DIY native plant potting station, and introduced our urban agriculture solution, the "Tomato Bucket." This innovation encapsulates our ethos, enabling anyone to grow various plants using just a single bucket of water each month - a testament to efficient, sustainable urban gardening.

Tomato Bucket Education

While we're proud of our achievements, we believe this is just the beginning for SolarPunk Park. We aim to establish 1000 SolarPunk Parks worldwide over the next decade.

As we embark on this journey towards global sustainability and building a better tomorrow, we seek partners, investors, and members to help grow the SolarPunk movement. We invite you to join us, contribute your unique skills and perspectives, and be part of the change toward a more sustainable and equitable world.

We invite you to be part of the SolarPunk community. Whether as a volunteer, a donor, a partner, or an investor, your contribution will help us build more SolarPunk Parks, expand our reach, and shape our shared future. Let's illuminate the path to a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow together.