What is SolarPunk Park?

SolarPunk Park is a community space designed for SolarPunk enthusiasts, offering a unique blend of nature, technology, and community. Our mission is to create a world where technology, nature, and humanity thrive in perfect harmony. We currently have our first park in Los Angeles and are planning to establish 1000 SolarPunk Parks worldwide over the next decade.

What is the SolarPunk movement?

The SolarPunk movement is an optimistic vision of the future where humans live in harmony with nature, using technology for sustainable living. It's about finding solutions to today's environmental challenges and creating an ecologically sound and technologically advanced world. Learn about the origins of SolarPunk HERE

What kind of projects does SolarPunk Park work on?

We work on various projects that align with our sustainability and community-building mission. These include sustainable urban agriculture solutions like our "Tomato Bucket," educational programs like beekeeping with the Bee Wild Collective, and events like our solar-powered mini-festival.

How can I get involved with SolarPunk Park?

There are many ways to get involved with SolarPunk Park! You can volunteer your time, participate in our events, donate to support our initiatives, or even invest in our future parks. Check out our "Join Us" page for more information.

Do I need any specific skills to volunteer at SolarPunk Park?

No specific skills are necessary to volunteer with us. We welcome anyone passionate about nature and community. We have a variety of roles and opportunities, and we'll provide any necessary training.

Are there any fees to join SolarPunk Park's events?

 We strive to keep our events accessible to everyone, and many of our events are free. However, some workshops or special events may have a small fee to cover costs. Any fees will be clearly listed in the event description.

How can I stay updated on SolarPunk Park's news and events?

 You can stay updated on our latest news and events by subscribing to our newsletter or following us on our social media platforms. Links to these can be found on our website.